I forgot to write a good-bye….

I officially ended my year of yes on 21 December 2016. I had chosen that date because that’s when the seasons change (autumn into winter for the northern hemisphere and spring into summer for the austral region).

And I totally forgot to say goodbye to the whole thing on here. A recap of things I can remember from then:

  • I went to a barbecue with about 40 friends on a whim.
  • I went to C√≥rdoba, Argentina with a few friends and went hiking. My body hurt for an entire week.
  • I wound up having to give up my apartment because rent went up about 40% and tomorrow will be my first day with a roommate. It was a nice run. I hope I get this opportunity again someday.

2017 stuff too….

  • My phone was stolen on Super Bowl Sunday.
  • I applied for a job writing jokes and actually got it.

One thing that happened is that I feel compelled to keep saying yes to things that out of my comfort zone even though my year of yes ended a few months ago. I’ve read over and over again that it takes 21 days to build up new habits, so I can see why I’m having a hard time ending this streak. I actually feel compelled to challenge myself in various ways. I apply to jobs even if I feel imposter syndrome, I’ve been charging clients more because women tend to undercharge anyway, I’ve been speaking more Portuguese and Italian even though I’m not very confident in either language.

I wish I had blogged about more experiences, but the truth is that I was too busy enjoying the experience, getting angry, sad, and annoyed. Mostly I was annoyed.

A lot of these experiments are made for rich folks who have time and money to spend on “experiences” and being working class, I felt limited. As if I did things that weren’t spectacular. My one piece of advice for those who are working class but want to take part in experiments like these: just keep track of your personal growth. Don’t worry if you can’t afford the things you think you need to try just to make this “your year.” Don’t feel like long life experiments like this have to be a year long. One week, two or three are fine. Or don’t do things like this if you don’t want to. They say this type of discipline and commitment is for the strong, but in actuality it’s for the weak.

We have been censoring ourselves all our lives and needed to kick ourselves to live a little, but that’s ok too.