My last week as a twenty-something

This is officially my last week before I turn 30.

A few bad habits I’m trying to get rid of:

  • Procrastinating
  • Judging others by the first impressions they give me
  • Drinking so much coffee

A few goals:

  • To continue with this experiment
  • To pay off this computer
  • Start saving money for leaving Argentina
  • Keep up my workout routine
  • Stay hydrated

Maybe we make too much of a big deal about this in the USA, but I feel like approaching my third decade is the end of an era. It’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just the end of something.


But is it wage theft?

In my maniacal search for things to say yes to and for ways to try to raise money to

  1. Pay off my student loans
  2. Pay off my car loans
  3. Raise money for travel

I applied to an online job for a company based in the US/UK. I for some reason thought it would be similar to another job I have currently that requires me to check emails 2-3 times per hour while I work on other freelance projects. This one was way more pressure and stress though. I had to be honest with the supervisor and let her know that I underestimated the commitment necessary and that unfortunately I’d have to give a two-week notice, or that I could work until they found someone else, etc. Understandably they were angry, as I would be.

So this company gave me lesser duties in my last days and the former supervisor told me it would take a while to process my invoice but didn’t tell me how long it would be. I was also asked to invoice for one week (I had previously been asked to invoice for one week as well, for a total of two weeks). In total I worked about 2 weeks and 4 days as well as doing an unpaid trial (bad idea). Today I was told I wouldn’t get paid for my last week of work because I hadn’t done enough for the company. However, the position I did for this company seems to have a high turnover rate, and it seems that although people consistently quit this job, they’re used to it.

Plus, the job is back on the Buenos Aires Craigslist. They could have at least told me I couldn’t work them if they hadn’t intended to pay me instead of making me wait almost a week to say something–especially since I haven’t received anything from them. This company hasn’t responded to email requesting clarification as to when exactly they’re paying me for the two weeks of work for which they have an invoice and now I’m confused about whether or not I will get paid for one week, two weeks or not at all.

(And yeah I know this whole post seems lofty but I’ve learned to¬†never divulge names in situations like this for retaliatory purposes).

We all take chances. I bit off more than I could chew and at least I admitted this to them and offered to work for a longer period even though it was a high-pressure environment. No one ever said corporates have a sense of morals though. My former activist within is calling this wage theft. My bank account is picketing.