On hunger and gratitude

Yesterday my friend and I curated an art show. We had been talking about it for months and it finally happened. I wanted to enjoy it but I’ve had a pretty bad set of months. It is in these times that one realizes who their real friends are and help can come from really unexpected places.

This week I basically ran out of money because I had to pay my expensive rent and things in Buenos Aires are getting ridiculously expensive. The gas was shut down in my building for no good reason so I haven’t been able to cook in about 2 days and people in BA are telling this could actually last for months. I applied to an email handler job that I lasted only two weeks because it paid very little and stressed me out a lot. My old MacBook Pro that I bought in 2012 basically works but it’s very slow and a friend that I hadn’t seen in a few months decided to let me borrow his and then pay for it if it’s working out for me—a very nice thing to do.

My friends listened to me panic about not being able to pay off my car, which is the US and I haven’t used in 3 years. Once again I didn’t have the money to pay for this. Today a friend let me use her kitchen and friends of mine–some whom I had known for a while others I just met–showed up to me and friend’s art event. I was in such a terrible mood and my stress levels were very high but now that I’ve spent the day just listening to music and finally cooking a hot meal I feel so grateful. I just wish I were better at showing it.

Keep in touch with your ex-crushes folks, if they feel sorry enough for you, they will actually help you. And also, keep your friends close and give them as many hugs as you can.


Author: ingridiswriting

los sabios no juzgan

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