Saying yes to myself….

Buenos Aires is host to many crazy landlords and other situations that make it compete with NYC in terms of chaos and craziness. When my roommates and I were kicked out of our old apartment–which was incidentally where my friends and I always threw our parties/get togethers–I found a small studio that was rented by an acquaintance. Though the cost was high and I knew I’d have to work super hard to pay for it I decided it would have to do.

I’ve always wanted to live on my own and I hadn’t slept in a big bed ever since December 2013, when I left the apartment that was paid for by my contract job. At the time I had the money to make the down payment, the owner of this apartment is very nice, and it’s perfect for one person. Plus, it’s still in the same neighborhood in which I was living. I had always wanted to live alone before age 30 so I’m glad I got the chance. I feel extremely grateful, but of course… I gotta hustle.



Author: ingridiswriting

los sabios no juzgan

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