Working way too much

In my “year of yes” craziness I took on way too much work this month. Right now I feel terrible neck pains and a lot of stress. I’m trying to be grateful for all the opportunities available to me but also need to find a better balance. Perhaps part of the reason why I’m doing too much is that I’m not trusting the universe enough to provide what I need. I need to trust that things will work out. Maybe trying to make 4 car payments by next month isn’t a good idea but I wanted so much to get rid of this pending debt that I’m driving myself to insanity and I’m sure it’s stressing out my friends.

Thankfully my friends in Buenos Aires keep inviting me to fun things and are good about checking up on me and my overly-stressed out, overly-US way of doing things. But the thing is, it’s hard out there for people who owe student loans. It’s hard out there for all of us. So maybe yes to work, as along as I don’t work myself to death.

Once again I got into an argument with a friend (The Boy from the Bus Stop), but he did mention making a few trips around Argentina in June and July. We cemented that we’re just friends and even though traveling with him scares me because we argue so often there’s an element about us that lets me know we’ll be fine and are good friends to each other.

Balance, right?


Author: ingridiswriting

los sabios no juzgan

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