Chicken wings and other things

Once again the point of this experiment was for it to be fun, but sometimes I feel it’s too much work and that I’m not saying yes to enough things even though I don’t even know what those things are supposed to be. But hey, this week I said yes to myself in a few areas:

  • I spoke to someone who’s been avoiding me because I had to connect him to someone that will help him with a work-related project (long story here…)
  • I ate buffalo chicken wings for the first time. This may not sound like a big deal but even though I grew up in the US I never ate such things and never really watched football, so it was a big deal for me. They tasted great but were very messy. For those who are curious about where one gets buffalo chicken wings in Buenos Aires, I recommend the place I went to, Chicken Bros.
  • I downloaded Tinder and then removed it from my phone. Removing it was the yes part for me. I absolutely hated how it forced me to judge men based on a stupid picture. How is that supposed to help me connect to others? I know it’s worked for some friends and some people swear by it, if anything so they’ll at least have amusing stories to tell, but it’s not my thing.

A piece of me wishes I were more open about this experiment, but time will tell.


Author: ingridiswriting

los sabios no juzgan

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