Putting myself out there

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My friends from Mexico City came to Buenos Aires and this week we made tacos for my friends here. With me being the big idiot I am I invited the guy that I like to completely disastrous results (I’m exaggerating, but the results were not good and he probably thinks I hate him now). Needless to say he hasn’t answered my text, laughed when I told him about a really difficult thing in my life, and he’s probably angry at me. Other than that I think we both had a good time. We all ate well and it was hilarious watching my friends here try to eat spicy food, or do whatever they could to avoid it.

I decided to put myself out there this week by doing National Poetry Month totally in Spanish and emailing the poems to my friends. The thing about this is that such things often reveal more about the writer than the writer knows, but it’s time to let go of any self-censorship no matter how tempting. For some, sharing their poetry or writing isn’t a big deal, but these are friends from Argentina who hadn’t read my work because most of it was in English at first. Many of my friends here speak good English but didn’t understand some of the slang or wordplay and as a native Spanish speaker I felt it’s important for me to write in my native language even though English is easier for me. So that’s me putting myself out there for the world one way or another, trying to say yes to things that scare me.

(Since I was feeling terrible about the guy situation I decided to splurge and buy This Is House You Lose Her because shop therapy is a real thing).




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