On small adventures

As a society we’re taught to look for big things, big thrills, big wads of cash. Or maybe this is just something I learned growing up in the USA. I know that for a long time I felt unsatisfied with life and even my own achievements because nothing I did seemed big. 

I still haven’t finished editing my short film or writing my feature scripts. I still haven’t sold a lot of copies of my poetry book, had a large art show, or written an article with thousands of shares. I still haven’t found the love of my life, finished paying off my car, or my student loans. I still haven’t gone to Iguazu or other parts of Argentina as I wish I could. But if there’s one thing I’m learning more about is that in our search for big things, big loves, big moments and big dreams we lose track of the beauty in the present moment. Life’s big moments are made out of the seemingly ordinary and “meaningless” ones. I’m slowly learning to enjoy these.

Here’s a celebration of a few small adventures that seem like nothing to most people, but mean a lot to me:

  • I made spring rolls for friends who seemed to enjoy them even though I was terrified that the peanut sauce would be too much for my friends.
  • I showed a few new girlfriends around Barrio Chino even though I consider myself a terrible tour guide.
  • A friend told me about a Couchsurfing meet-up in La Plata, Argentina, a small town south of here. He didn’t go. I went and made a few new friends I wouldn’t have made if I hadn’t listened to him.
  • There were a lot of leftovers from the spring roll/international food event I had on Sunday and I invited people over the whole week. I got to actually talk to my friends without actually having to cook and it was a lovely pre-Easter week.
  • Some friends came from Mexico and I offered to show them around. We had a great time today.

Maybe to some these small things seem rather boring, but cherishing my friends is a small way of saying yes to me.

P.S. Eating meat, especially processed meat, still kills my stomach.



Author: ingridiswriting

los sabios no juzgan

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